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Why Shopify your site?

If you are selling your products in a mix of in-store and online, it might be time to refresh your site design to one that is Shopified.

Laptop computer under a spotlight showcasing the e-commerce website design for Scenic Rim business Beautiful Batches

When I design a website, I use trusted platforms that give the site maximum design flexibility with back-end stability. One of the systems I specialise in is Shopify. And, while you may already be selling via other online payment systems, there are a few good reasons to consider the advantages of a Shopify design that might make you think 'website review'. Shopify lets me design, customise and build streamlined sites with user-friendly and cost-effective e-commerce capability.

Shopify benefits

With the pandemic forcing many small and medium businesses to close their bricks and mortar shopfronts, and move online, Shopify's benefits have been spotlit. Their website design capabilities combine e-commerce, order tracking and inventory. These all operate whether you are on your phone, tablet or laptop, letting you run your business on the move. Their user-friendly platform app also lets you use the system with card readers to accept payments and track your stocks in-store or at pop-ups and market stalls too.

Run your business on the go!

A Shopify site gives you:

  • an enticing storefront

  • easy-as checkout

  • payment processor

  • shipping and fulfilment partner

  • back office stock management retail and wholesale

  • marketing function via easy links to social media channels

  • functions for discount codes and giveaways

  • global reach international currencies accepted

More equitable for SMEs

Shopify is designed for independent businesses to level the online purchasing playing field. As a business owner myself, I love nothing more than helping other creative and busy people be entrepreneurs and showcase their products and services. And with a bullet-proof e-commerce site that can handle the traffic needed for your stocks of product, you can become a global brand!

Here's one example of a successful local business that now sells all over Australia:

Want to chat ideas for your site?

With a Shopify foundation, we can build your branding and customise your website to suit your business needs.

Let's talk about your ideas.


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