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Brand vs Logo - Why branding is more than just a logo

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The question of brand vs logo has always been confusing for business owners. Whether you’re starting a new company or you have years of experience in marketing and selling products or services for your business, knowing where branding ends and logo design begins can be tricky. There isn’t one quick answer to these questions. So I’m here to help explain what is meant by brand, branding, brand identity and a logo. Knowing the differences between these keywords will help you to build a business that not only looks great but means something too.

First things first, what is a logo?

Logos can be made of text, symbols or a combination of the two. The style and colours used are usually taken through to other elements of your brand identity to create a consistent look and feel. I design logos every day, putting an eye-catching and colourful face on all types of businesses. So it may surprise you to hear that a logo isn’t the most important part of a company.

A logo should help your company to be recognisable, memorable and stand out from your competition. It’s a handy way for people to identify your business quickly. But a logo on its own can’t show your customers what your business is all about. That’s where your brand, branding and brand identity come in.

Brand, branding and brand iodentity

These three words are key to understanding your business and your relationship with your customers.

Your brand is how people think and feel about your company.

Your branding is the things you do to build a particular image of your company.

Your brand identity is the things you can see, read and hear that create a consistent look for your company.

Whether your company is old or new, whether you’ve put a little or a lot of time and effort into your branding, you do have a brand. Through the products or services you sell, your customer service, your reviews, where and how you present your company, people will have started to form opinions about what your company is like. They will look at where you sit in your market and compare you to other similar companies.

Brand and branding are about give and take. If you have a clear direction for your branding, more people will think about your brand in the way you want. If you understand your customers, you can create messaging, products and values that work together and speak to your target audience. They will respond to this and help you to keep your brand strong and positive.

Your brand - How to build something you can’t see

One thing I love about my job is working with some amazing businesses and organisations who have strong values and a real passion for what they do. If you want to know how to build a great brand, the answer is simple. Think about what drives you in your work, what’s important to you and what you want for your customers. Whether you have a business of one or one hundred employees, make sure everyone is working towards the same mission and values. This strength and pride will be easy for your customers and clients to see, and suddenly you’re well on your way to building an awesome brand!

If you feel good, then you should look good too

Once you have a clear and defined path for your values and mission as a company, now is where the fun starts - well, for me anyway! Great branding should tell your story. Everything from your website, to signage, to your business cards should be consistent with your brand. It should be easy for customers and potential customers to recognise your company.

An eye-catching, well designed logo is the start of a whole range of visual elements that make up your company’s brand identity. By thinking about your brand identity as a whole package, rather than just a logo, you get a more consistent look and feel to your business that truly reflects your brand personality and goals.

Brand vs Logo - How to make everything work together

Balance is important when you’re thinking about your brand and brand identity. A logo on its own can be powerful and look great. If your brand is strong then the logo will be recognisable and admired, but it will never sell products or services on its own. Equally, a strong brand that’s understood by your customers, staff and peers supports your mission as a business. But without a consistent and attractive brand identity, your company may get lost amongst your competitors.

If your business has a great personality a story and mission behind your brand identity your audience will connect with you and remember you. Their experience will be consistent and meaningful, and soon enough your customers turn into brand ambassadors.

A logo is the first thing your customer will see. When they dive deeper into your company and see more of your brand identity, through your website, colours, fonts, packaging or social media, your logo should fit seamlessly with every visual aspect of your business.

If you’re feeling inspired to create a strong visual brand identity for your business, take a look at our services to see how we work with our clients on visual branding projects. We'll work with you to find out your brand values and voice to create a logo and full brand kit that will really connect with your audience. Contact us to find out how we can work together.


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